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For millions of years the woolly mammoth roamed the lands we now know as Alaska and the Yukon. Today, some of the most cherished remnants of this mighty beast are rare deposits of their fossilized ivory. Buried by glaciers during the last ice age, this ivory has taken on beautiful patterns and colors from the arctic soil and makes an extraordinary alternative to protected elephant ivory.

Master artisans meticulously carve mammoth ivory and handcraft sterling silver to create breathtaking designs inspired by wildlife and Northwest native art.

Natural Beauty from Ages Past, these Carvings are of the highest quality, valued as both an adornment and an heirloom of lasting worth.

Whole Tusks are never destroyed to make jewelry, so as to ensure future generations can enjoy the treasure left behind by this unique animal.

Enjoy this unique and exquisite piece of jewelry from the Millenia Collection - everlasting beauty from ages past.

Each piece comes in a beautiful velvet green box accompanied by a color brochure and certificate.

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